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Mailing Address for Camp Antioch Bible Camp Fall Creek Falls State Park 2009 Village Camp Road Spencer, TN 38585

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Message from Chuck . . .About ABC

Volunteers needed for Antioch Bible Camp

Will you go with us to ABC? We still need more volunteers. Now, don’t worry that I am trying to get you to pack your bags and head off into the summer heat for a week. We actually have our staff set and have plenty of people physically going with us to camp. The volunteers I am talking about are those who go with us in prayer.

Physically camp cannot happen without those who live at camp for the week, but spiritually camp cannot happen without those who live in prayer for the week. In the same way that I need cooks, teachers and counselors, I also need people who are praying for the cooks, teachers, counselors and especially the campers.

This is not a situation that would ever happen but for the sake of illustrating my point— consider this. If you were to tell me to choose for you to either go to camp and work or stay home and pray, the obvious choice would be to stay home and pray. Taking workers to camp without being covered in prayer is just not an option. Sometimes people will apologize for not being able to go to camp. I don’t want this to sound bad, but it is okay with me that you cannot make it to camp this year or are just not a camp kind of person. What I do care about is the part where you say, “I will be praying for you every single day”. That’s when I thank God for giving us such a strong group of volunteers.

I heard a story one time about a church where the preacher was in the auditorium preaching to hundreds of visitors from the community while in the basement there were several hundred of the church members praying for those same visitors. In my mind that is the picture I see of Antioch Bible Camp. For every one staff member giving time at camp there are 4 or 5 staff members at home giving time in prayer.

As you are reading these paragraphs there are 22 teachers preparing to tell our campers that they have been healed from sin by the stripes Jesus suffered on the cross. The message is strong and clear and powerful. It is not enough to just have a powerful message though. There must be hearts that are prepared to hear, understand and accept the message. The teachers will take care of getting the message right, but it is up to the rest of us to prepare the campers’ hearts through the prayers we pray. I want everyone to be very clear on this point, The Success of ABC is grounded in the prayers of the Antioch Family. - Chuck Chisam


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