The Antioch Church of Christ ( is seeking a married man who is Spirit-filled to serve in
the role of Youth Minister. This individual’s primary focus (85%) will rest on the High School Ministry (9th-12th
grade families), but he will also have involvement (15%) in the Middle School Ministry (5th-8th Grades).


Our High School Ministry is made up of 30-40 active students in 9th-12th Grades. These students represent a
wide spectrum of cultures and faith: those who are committed to Christ, some who view their spirituality in a
more social context, and others who have a rudimentary understanding of faith.
Some of our students are great leaders and role models; others are dealing with difficult situations at home
and/or school. Some are just trying to survive adolescence. We hold no illusions about the things our teens
and their friends are being exposed to every day and recognize that we are engaged in spiritual warfare for
the hearts, minds and souls of our students.


Our Middle School Ministry is made up of 30-40 active students in 5th-8th Grades. This ministry is led by our
part-time Middle School Minister. The new youth minister will not have planning responsibilities for middle
school events but will be expected to teach occasionally (6-8 Sundays per year) and be present at a majority of
their events. There are several events that overlap with HSM (ie. Workcamp, ABC, Basketball, Football, etc.)


Ministry is more than a job; it is a calling from God. We want the person God is calling to this particular church
at this particular time. Our desire is to recognize the person God has raised up and equipped for this specific
position.  After prayerful consideration developed a profile of the individual, we believe will be most qualified to
connect with students in our church and community and be a successful leader of our teens and families.

Spirit-Filled - He has a daily discipline to spend time alone with the Lord in Bible study and prayer. Spiritual
growth and development are priorities for himself and the teens in his ministry. His attitude, language and
behavior demonstrate a high standard of personal holiness - his life is a good example for youth to follow.

Connects and Relates - He is able to develop deep personal relationships with teens of all personalities
and backgrounds. He is willing to be not only their minister, but their friend and confidant.
Friendly and Fun - He is easy to get along with and enjoys interacting with teens in creative and fun ways.
He demonstrates a good sense of humor without the use of sarcasm and is sensitive to the feelings of
others. He is able to laugh at his own mistakes and shortcomings.

Compassionate - He shows compassion to struggling teens while providing a source of strength to them.
He is able to connect with fragile teens and those who have a difficult time fitting in. He believes that every
teen is precious to God and has a place in the ministry.

A Leader - He must have a strong presence and a vision of where he wants the ministry to go and ability to
develop a workable plan to achieve his goals. He is able to develop and administer programs to recruit and
equip adults to work within the youth ministry. He places a high priority on training teens to take on
leadership roles within the ministry. He leads by example and is skilled at conflict resolution.

Family - Candidate should be married and a godly leader to his family. His wife should be supportive of his
calling and involved in the youth ministry program. He should demonstrate an unwavering love for his
family in his speech and actions.

Parents - He has the desire and ability to develop healthy relationships with teens and parents. He is
teachable and approachable and encourages the participation of others in his ministry. He partners with
parents by providing resources and addressing points of cultural awareness.

Knowledgeable - He has extensive knowledge of the Bible and is able to convey biblical truths in a
meaningful way to teens using a variety of presentation styles.
o He holds a college degree (preferably in Ministry) and at least 2-5 years’ experience interning or
leading a youth program.
o He is knowledgeable, appropriate and proficient in his use of social media.
o He is able to employ objective evidence and reasoning (apologetics) in his teachings to equip the teens
to support and defend their faith in today’s culture.

Passionate - He has a heart that desires deeply to serve the Lord and a passion to reach teens with the lifechanging
gospel of Christ. His motivation for serving is to bring glory to the Lord.

Organized - Programing, teaching and events need to be well thought out and organized. Parents and
teens need to be able to TRUST him and know that he has control and a firm grip on what needs to be
accomplished to provide safety and security. They need to communicate very well.


If after reviewing this information you would like to be considered for the Youth Minister position, please send your resume to and we will be in touch.

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