We are excited about you being a part of our camp this year.  The dates will be July 7 – 13, at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  It is very important for both campers and parents to carefully read ALL the information in this letter.  If you have any questions or need more information, call the Antioch Church of Christ office, (615) 834-3063.

Camp Fees – All camp fees must be paid in full.  Camp fees are $155.00 per camper and can be paid at the Candy Gram table in the foyer, sent to the church office marked clearly as a camp payment, or put in the drop box in the foyer.  There will be no refunds after the June 30th.

Camper Check-In – All campers are to “check in” at Antioch Bible Camp between 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. Sunday afternoon.  Please Do Not leave any campers unsupervised prior to 3:00.  Counselors will not be responsible for any campers until 3:00.  If you do arrive early please plan on staying with your campers until 3:00.

How to Get There – Antioch Bible Camp is at Fall Creek Falls State Park.  After entering the park, follow the signs to Group Camp 2 or (Youth Camp 2).  For those who need transportation to and from camp there will be a van available.  The cost will be $10.00 and we need to know that you must be signed up through the church office.  This service will be first come first serve until the van is full.  GPS: 10821 Park Road   Spencer, Tennessee 38585

Sunday Night Supper – All campers and staff will be served supper in the Dining Hall at 6:00P.M.  All parents are encouraged to say their “good-byes” prior to the 6:00 meal.  This will allow you plenty of time for driving home.

Spending Money – Cold drinks, candy, postcards, and stamps will be on sale each day in the canteen.  For everyone’s convenience, all spending money will be deposited in the “Camp Bank”.  Spending money can be deposited into the “bank” at camp Sunday afternoon or you can add it to your camp payment.  If depositing money with a camp payment please attach a note to clearly designate the purpose of the extra money.  Any remaining balance will be returned to the campers at the conclusion of camp on Saturday.  For another way to provide money see the next section.

Candy Grams – Encouraging notes are always good, especially when candy and drinks are attached.  Candy grams can be purchased the two weeks prior to camp in the church lobby.  They cost $.50 each and are redeemable for candy or drinks at the canteen.  The candy gram also has a place to write an encouraging note for the week.  You can designate what day you want it delivered, thus assuring that the notes and candy are spread out through the week.

Mail Call at Camp – We have mail call every day at camp.  There are two ways to get mail to camp.  The best and most dependable way is to send your mail through the ABC post office located in the lobby of the church building.  Any letters put in the boxes by Sunday morning of camp will be delivered to camp and distributed through the regular mail call.  If you wish, mail can be sent through the US postal service at the address:  ABC Group Camp 2, Fall Creek Falls State Park, 2009 Village Camp Road, Spencer, TN  38585

Visitors at Camp – Visitors (adults and children) are subject to all camp rules while they are on the camp grounds.  There will be a charge per person for meals.  Payment for the meals should be made at the canteen.

Sleeping in vehicles – No recreational vehicles, campers or tents will be allowed at the ABC campgrounds.  No one may sleep overnight in a vehicle (car, truck, van, etc.) at the ABC site.

Overnight visitors – No space is available at Group Camp 2 for overnight guests.  This includes the Friday evening prior to the conclusion of camp on Saturday Morning.

Children visiting camp – Individuals and families are welcome to make visits to camp, however, only children who are registered as campers may participate in regular camp activities. Parents must go on hikes with visiting children.

Late Night Curfew – A time will be announced each night as the curfew time when all campers are expected to be in their cabin.  Campers who are caught out of the cabin after that time will be subject to punishment that could include extra cleaning duties, being sent home from camp, the loss of future camp attendance or counseling positions. We will not allow the fun of a few to ruin the camp experience for many.

Camp Gear – Here is a checklist of the items you will need to bring (and not bring) to camp.  Read and check each item carefully!  Please write your name on as many items as possible.

  •  Bible – Old and New Testament
  •  Clothes – Bring enough to last the entire week. Plan on at least 2 outfits per day. Be prepared for rain and cool   nights.  Important: See Dress Code for more information!
  •  Shoes – At least two pairs of tennis shoes if possible
  •  Flashlight – Be sure it works, has fresh batteries, and your name on it
  • Bedroll – Sleeping bag or blankets and sheets for a single bed, plus pillow
  •  Swimsuit – Many opportunities will arise for swimming, See “Swimming Gear Bag “below
  • Towels, washcloths, flip flops for shower, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.


Including things like: shampoo/soap bottles, clothes, Bible, underwear, towels, socks, sports items, hats, cameras, bags, we mean everything.

What not to bring to camp:

  • No clothing with questionable or inappropriate words, phrases, or pictures.
  • No tape, CD, MP3 players, iPods, radios, headphones, etc.
  • No tobacco products, lighters, matches, or fireworks
  • No knives, or guns (including airsoft guns)
  • No Walkie-Talkies or Cell Phones (if campers are driving, we ask that the cell phone remain in the car)

Swimming Gear Bag – Each year the boys go swimming and then straight to a devotional without going back to the camp.  The swimming pool has bathrooms to change in but we often have trouble keeping up with clothes and towels.  Many lost and found items are picked up here.  It would be a good idea to have a bag pre-packed to take when we go swimming.  They will need dry clothes, comb, deodorant, plastic sack for wet clothes, etc.

Dress Code - Shorts must be below fingertips all the way around. Undergarments must be worn and not visible. No tank tops, no midriffs, and no low cut shirts. Dark/colored shirts must be worn for sports and hikes.

Closing Ceremonies – The closing ceremonies will be held at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning.  Your family is asked to attend this closing devotional and awards ceremony.  We will leave camp immediately afterwards.

Once again let me say we are excited that you will be with us at camp this year.  We have been spending a lot of time getting everything ready from sports, to food, to classes.  We believe it is going to be a great week.  We have also been praying a lot about camp and we ask you to continue to pray about what God can do during the week of camp.

Thanks,  Chuck Chisam, Camp Director