We are a Jesus church. Established in 1892, we are a multi-ethnic, bilingual family of followers connected by our common faith and deep desire to see our city [and the world] come to know Jesus’ beauty and power.

We gather on Sundays to study God’s Word and to celebrate Jesus’ victory over Satan, sin and death. We meet throughout the week to serve and to live out the way of Jesus.

We value

Intimacy with God
We strive to reverse the curse of separation that came through sin by pursuing a growing, intimate relationship with God. We live this value through worship and daily time with God through Bible study and prayer.
Authentic Community
We pursue honest and caring relationships that follow the model of God’s love that leads to maturity in Christ for all. We live this value by meeting in smaller groups where we can give and receive accountability, belonging, and care.
Extravagant Generosity
We model our lives after our generous God who gave His son, Jesus, for us. Giving declares our trust in God to provide what we need. We live this value by joyfully giving the first portion of our income to God’s work in the church.
Culture of Grace (Hospitality)
We extend to all people the unmerited love, acceptance and forgiveness that we ourselves have received from God through Jesus. We live this value by creating an inviting atmosphere for all people.
Strategic Service
We value every Christian’s God-given ability to grow the kingdom by using our unique gifts in tandem with the whole body. We live this value by regularly serving in areas that fit our spiritual gifts.
Mentoring the Next Generation
We pass the baton of faith with intentionality so future generations will know Christ. We live this value by giving priority to the needs of the next generation.
Reaching the Unreached
We express God’s love for every human being by pursuing friendships with those far from God. We live this value by praying for and spending time with friends who have yet to accept Jesus as their savior.

We believe

  • The Bible is true, authoritative and sufficient (Deuteronomy 4:1-2; Psalm 119:11, 89, 105; Isaiah 40:8; Matthew 22:29; John 5:39; 16:13- 15; 17:17; Romans 15:4; 2 Timothy 3:15-17).
  • There is only one God. He has eternally existed in relationship with Himself as one substance in three unique persons: The Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit (Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 61:1; Matthew 28:19; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 1:35; John 5:21-23).
  • All humans are made in the image of God to have fellowship with Him. Yet, all have willfully sinned thus separating us from God both physically and spiritually. As a result, no one can attain a right relationship with God through one’s effort (Genesis 1:26-30; 2:7, 18-22; 3:19; Jeremiah 17:5; Acts 17:26-31; Romans 1:19- 32; 3:10-18, 23; 5:6, 12; 6:6, 23; 7:15-25; James 1:14-15).
  • Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and is both fully God and fully human. He is the only plan for bringing people back into a right relationship with God. He lived a perfect life. Died a perfect death. And defeated Satan, sin and death for us by being physically raised to life on the third day. Jesus’ work guarantees that we have a living hope through His resurrection from the dead (Isaiah 7:14; 53; Matthew 1:18-23; 3:17; 8:29; 14:33; 16:16; 1 Peter 1:3-6).
  • All humans are created to exist forever. We will exist either eternally separated from God by sin or in union with God through forgiveness and salvation. To be eternally separated from God is Hell. To be eternally in union with Him is Heaven. Heaven and Hell are places of eternal existences (John 3:16; Romans 6:23; 1 John 2:25; 5:11-13; Revelation 20:15).
  • Salvation is the free gift of God found only through faith in Jesus Christ. All people are invited to accept God’s forgiveness by confessing their sin, trusting Jesus as their Lord and following Jesus’ example of water baptism. Salvation confers the complete forgiveness of sins – past, present, and future – and the gift of God’s Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28- 32; Acts 2:37-39; Romans 10:9-10; Ephesians 1:3-14; 2:1-10).
  • God’s Holy Spirit lives inside every Christ- follower and thus assures us of our relationship with God. He guides believers into all truth and exalts Jesus. He convicts people of their sin, God’s righteousness, and the coming judgment. He comforts us, gives us spiritual gifts, and makes us more like Christ (Genesis 1:2; Joel 2:28-32; Mark 1:10; Luke 1:35; 4:1; 11:13; 12:12; John 15:26; 16:7- 14; Acts 1:8; 2:1-4; 13:2).