Jesus is first in our hearts and central to all we do.


Without the resurrection there is no faith, Christianity, or any hope for the future. He rose from the dead, appeared to eyewitnesses, and is still at work today through the Holy Spirit. His resurrection isn’t just about our future, but the importance of our present life.  “On earth as it is in Heaven” isn’t simply a habitual prayer, but becomes a legitimate reality.
Saves us by grace
We are not saved by our good deeds, nor can we earn our way into Heaven. We are saved by the gracious act of Jesus being sent to die on a cross, resurrecting from the dead, and establishing His power and victory over sin.
Is God
He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, worked miracles and gave us an example to follow. He is fully God and fully man and now sits at the right hand of the Father to intercede for us.
Told us to love
Love isn’t simply an emotion, it’s an action first. All of us want to belong, feel accepted, and significant. If we truly understand the love and grace of Jesus, we will love ALL people and show them that there is no greater acceptance, sense of belonging, and significance than through the love of Jesus.
Told us to go
Faith in Jesus isn’t just a personal, private emotion or feeling. It is a transforming life change that should force us to share that faith with others. If the message of Jesus is true then our lives should outwardly show it to everyone who crosses our path throughout Nashville and beyond. We aren’t here to idly sit by and complain about what is wrong with our city or this world, then hope that someone else will fix it. We are told to GO! Jesus can and will do great things through YOU and our community at Antioch!



For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son,
that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life.

—John 3:16



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